Short tutorial on how to structure projects and setup multi-user Git SSH workflow.

When using a single machine with multiple git accounts, you might encounter some obstacles with SSH setup. The easiest way to achieve a multi-user setup is to structure git repositories by respective directories, e.g.:

This short tutorial will help you set up SHH for such workflow.

To generate a new SSH key, use the provided template script (or check the docs):

What’s left is to add the SSH key to your GitHub/GitLab/etc. account.

The general idea is that you use specific ssh command based on…

After implementing API request caching couple of times in recent years, I decided to give back to open-source community. So I published a library called redux-cached-api-middleware and thought I’d share my thoughts on why you’d want to cache API requests and how you can do it in your apps with fairly low effort.

Why cache API requests

loading spinner

Well caching helps to re-load your apps faster and I believe we all hate those loading spinners 😡…

Faster re-load times lead to better UX, and higher conversion rates. So if you wan’t higher revenue, you probably should consider this technique.

You probably already cache…

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